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It's seven o'clock on a freezing Monday evening in London and outside the posh Grosvenor House Hotel a large crowd of girls is, inexplicably, bawling The Union of the Snake at the tops of their voices.
(1988) 10) "When I met Mary I got that old-fashioned romantic feeling where I'd do anything to bone her.".
Right beside her, Neil Kinnock is being questioned by journalists.One photographer at my table asks another if he's going to hang round in the foyer to photograph Wham!Is that hair gel?".Sting's new haircut and dinner suit give him a gaunt and glamorous look; Trudi looks very pregnant.Holly is wandering round, very relaxed: " 'Ello, 'la he says.They include Woody Allen's famous quip from Annie Hall: "Don't knock masturbation.And in their centre is prince!As I sit down, Nik Kershaw and his wife scurry past, pursued by photographers, looking for their table.All quite acceptable, really, even if it is a bit "like punk never happened".Third was the Airplane!Williams uttered the words as Julius Caesar in 1964 gratis online matematik vejleder live chat romp Carry On Cleo."They always look the same.'."What did you talk to him about?" I ask them.Photograph: Georges Dekeerle/Getty Images.The reason for the avalanche of pop stars is, of course, the presentation of the 1985 British Record Industry Awards.This is the War Room.".Vi vil også gerne have ideer til ting, der kunne være fede at have på hjemmesiden.